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You lost me on this one. It suggests other things to me.
This post should clear it up.


But to add to the good advise you just got... let me suggest that you not go on vacation with either a camera or a film that you are not familiar with.
Well it was either digital which I'm familiar with but sick of, or film. I've thought about it a lot. I know I can come back with good images if I go digital. But with digital I feel this compulsion to just keep shooting. I'm on a whale watch boat and end up looking through a tiny viewfinder at the whales practically the whole time. With film I don't do that, I can't. Even though I don't know the camera well, or any film well; I think I'll have a better overall experience on the vacation, if I go with the unfamiliar in this case.

Otherwise, use Portra, box speed, meter with your camera... and forget all of "the fancy stuff". Focus on the image and the memories.
Will do. I have no expectations of bringing back great photographs. Hopefully I'll have a couple keepers though.