F/1.4: You are the one overcomplicating things by giving out incorrect generic advice. If I was going
to spend a lot of money on a vacation with an unfamiliar film, I'd certainly want to do a little advance homework, then do a variety of test shots before leaving, and have them processed to
review the results. "Winging it" based upon alleged exposure latitude and old-wives tales about ASA
speeds doesn't work all that well with these newer films. Yes, you'll get "something" printable. But
why waste money on Portra if you just want smudgy drugstore prints. Any amateur color neg film
will give decent skintones, as will poorly exposed Portra 160. But what about everything else
potentially in the scene? If the shot is in deep shade, and you rebalance the film to warm in printing
to preserve the skintones, the other hues will be way off. Maybe this doesn't matter to the individual, maybe it does. He can decide. But the film won't cure this issue by itself.