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Rafal - not sure why you are against using different grades of paper, split filtering etc. These are tools, not crutches.
Michael, I am not against any of these. They are wonderful tools, indeed, and I have greatly benfitted from them. I am trying to simplify everything I do as much as possible. I suppose it is a kind of a minimalistic quest in terms of the photographic process. For that reason, I wish to remove split-grade printing from it. It is a great technique, as I mentioned, I have to thank it for a successful exhibition, but I do not want to default on it at the moment, as I did for a few years. Also, as I mentioned in my reply to Bill, I am unlikely to move to single graded papers, but I would like to have enough control over my negative so that I could target a grade when I photograph a scene, rather than arrive at the grade only when printing. Perhaps it is an unnecessary goal in your and other's opinions, yet I would like to improve my craft to be able to do that.