I use Foma a lot in both 120 and 35mm, and a few years ago the curl was really bad fresh processed and dried, but it very soon straightned out in a file, but for the last year or so the curl is very little, still there but only slight, I concluded that Foma had done some work on the base and sorted the problem out, at least, with the new stock sold this side of the pond, I love the stuff, the look is unique, the nearest I can say is it is very much like Tri X from when it was first made, before Kodak started updating it, but still a look of it's own, and as far as the QC issues I have heard about, well, for me at least, I have yet to have a problem, and I shoot a lot of it, it is my main go to film.and as for grain, well yes the 35mm is grainy, but I find it a nice grain, 120nthe grain is very slight, Lovely stuff and long may Foma go on making it.