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Well, I wouldn't say the Kodak variants are better. I am one of the few people on earth who really cannot stand the look of Kodak films...not sure why, hence my go-to has been Acros and Neopon 400 forever. That said, I find the Foma 100 (Arista.edu Ultra) does a fine job at a cheap price and has it's own look that I appreciate.
I may not have put that very well. If you like the look of the Foma (and I do, but not for all my work) by all means shoot it. I just meant that, in 35mm, the cost argument isn't very convincing to me, at least in pre-loaded rolls, when the rebranded Tri-X costs only about twenty cents a roll more.

Shoot it because you love the look - absolutely yes! Shoot it to save twenty cents a roll? Not so convincing, to me at least.

This goes completely out the window in 120 and sheets, though. I still shoot 120 Tri-X because it's my favorite film ever, but I do shoot some Foma/Arista for the look. In 4x5, much as I say that the price of film isn't that much in the overall scheme of things, Kodak is about to price themselves completely out. I'm arguing with myself whether to buy any more TMY-2 when my current box is done, or just switch to HP5+.