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Instead of making a new one, why could I not use the old one and glue a new outer lining to it?
What would be a good outer liner? Would vinyl, leather, work?
I have never done this, but I have heard of it being done. You'd want to stretch out the bellows as far as they'll go so you have essentially a flat surface to glue to. Then you'd have to work the folds back into place after gluing on the outer layer.
The problem is that now you have 3 layers so it's thicker and won't compress as tightly as the original. Also, you'll need to use a light-tight outer layer. My understanding is that in building a new bellows you don't worry so much about this and rely on the inner layer to provide the light-tightness.
You'll want to use a very thin light-tight material, probably some type of rubber/vinyl coated cloth.