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hey mark

i have a 33' I type 3a rolleicord i had modified so i could use with a motor drive ( like the one you linked to )
the "upgrade" was well worth the 900$ i paid ( they had to modify a more-modern rolleiflex mechanism to work
in my camera, and they had to modify the camera to work with the newer-winder ) ...
its pretty easy to use on the street ...
i have a small trailer i attach to my waist which has a small gas powered honda generator that i use to plug the winder into.
since i started to use this rolliecord to do street work i realized the shutter is too loud and people take notice of me.
i guess i have to have the shutter modified too ...

John, I'm interested why you wanted this device. Is this a desire fore a short burst large format cine camera? If so, for what use?