Photography tragic does well and truly meet my standards. I am a photographic tragic - 90% of this forum is filled with people who I consider are photographic tragics.

I actually look at this as a term of endearment.

Maybe my post was not interpreted correctly. I think its an excellent thing that someone who more then likely has access and the funds to afford the latest photographic gear (OR more to the point could potentially be given the best and latest, for a couple of kind words), chooses to use a Graphlex as his camera of choice – even using it to do the 100 strangers challenge. Bryan Adams is a photographic nut, but he chooses digital, which is something that I would expect most celebs would.

I personally am really encouraged by this and is something that we should embrace, hence my ‘poster boy’ tag (that was supposed to be a positive – sorry if it didn’t come across that way). I am just concerned that many may seem him as another hipster taking crap photos because ‘film’ is cool – Because of his former status, Andrew could quite easily fit that mould.