I think it is a good thing that a celebrity (Andy? now!?) is known to associate with film photography. Educated and tuned-in people use film. The risks of digital are too great to be ignored. I've even versed by medical specialist yesterday in the perils of digital after she unloaded her holiday pics onto her hospital-owned computer and they promptly vanished!

Away from the cameras and prying eyes, celebs can be very, very different. I wonder what Lara Bingle uses? What about Kyle Sandilands? There's a lot we don't know about out there (maybe we prefer not to...). Here in Geelong, "Mr. Paparazzi" Darryn Lyons (owner of The Big Picture agency in London) is a film fanatic. He uses a Hassie and can be seen around town toting that from one pretty-body nightclub hotspot to another. It usually sits on the front seat of his canary yellow Ferrari (rego plates BIGPIX)!