It's for real. We tend to forget that cameras were used in all sorts of context outside of our "photography" context (i.e. subject + camera + artist = work).

Before there were digits, all sorts of instruments needed to be photographed to keep a trace of their data. Oscilloscopes, for example (and there's a special Rollei+Polaroid thing for it), or microscopes, etc.

So the point of the Rolleimot is to have remote actioning of the camera, whether according to a given timing, or simply because one can't be at the same spot as the camera for the record.

Obviously, the market for this kind of tools eventually was taken away by more elegant solutions (hello, Hasselblad EL/M !), but I'm sure there were plenty of labs in the 70s that had standardized on the Rollei in the 50s because at that point it was the best tool they had. Converting their entire setup could have been too costly, so they would have bought the accessory motor.

That's the lesson of history: we may live in 2012, but we reflect the era in which we grew up much more than contemporary times.