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Klainmeister: Good, you ARE out there. But I do hope 'to stay'.

As stated previously, it is true that most are veering towards, or already are (as expected) middle age. So it does become fascinating to discover WHY young people are attracted to this medium. Hopefully, most will not be doing this solely because it is 'trendy', as trends end. As I said before: I like to see, first hand, what I have captured.

Krifartida, you said what I did not want said: that your students are taking the course for no reason other than easy credit. Try to impart subjectivity to these fledglings in order to turn this relationship into something more enduring. - David Lyga
he also said its gotta be a fun class ..
if it is a fun class, and they have a way to process and (whatever ) their film
then they might stick with it, so i guess it is exactly what you are hoping for.

the main problem i see is that without a way to process film ( or paper negatives ) it is not likely that someone will continue to do wet photography.
not all people want a darkroom or have a way to process film, labs are closing down left and right, drug stores no longer process ...
its as if what eastman started in 1884 had a long long run, but is almost stopped, and it is just home processors that will keep things alive ... ( like pre 1884 )
so if it is fun then maybe it will create the want to continue ... if it is not a fun class, and just something to dread, well, i think the electric thing wins ...