According to the article. this is a new development. I certainly haven't seen it before.

I finally got around to actually trying this developer. I tested it on EFKE PL-100M. I mixed it according to the recipe shown above, and developed the film for 9 minutes. For comparison, I also ran some of the same film in D-76 (1+1) for 10 minutes. My guesses about its life seem to be correct. The developer starts turning brown as soon as you add the TEA. When I poured the developer out after developing the film, it was a bright brownish-red. I'd say it's only good as a one-shot with a mixed life of an hour or so, but I haven't really tested this.

The developer produces very nice looking negatives with the characteristic yellow-green pyro stain. Densitometry shows it has slightly lower contrast and a longer straight line section than D-76 (1+1) with this film. I ran desitometry tests with both white and blue light (I do not have a UV densitometer.) The curves are almost exactly parallel, except at the highest densities. The stain seems to just add density, not contrast. Under 50X magnification, Simple Pyro produces negatives that are very slightly grainier than D-76 (1+1), but they are also noticeably sharper.
Simple Pyro Test.jpg