Well, it took quite awhile to get here, but I'm happy to report that my Yashica 635 with the unusual black control knobs finally arrived in today's mail! It was packaged very well, and is in absolutely perfect condition. It really is flawless; both lenses, screen, leatherette, chrome, everything looks just like new. The dials, focus, everything is so silky-smooth; not so much as a speck of dust, haze or cleaning marks in the lens. I have tested all shutter speeds and find them accurate. It really is a gorgeous camera.

Unfortunately, it could be another week or two before my film arrives from the USA. (I have to date been unsuccessful in finding affordable 120 here in Canada) I have a lovely new hand-stitched leather strap on order, and once my film arrives I'll be using this beauty to capture my Fogo Island (Newfoundland) landscapes.

As this is indeed my very first Yashica TLR, you can imagine my excitement when I opened the parcel to discover that it truly is as perfect as the seller had described! I want to thank everyone for your interest in my camera, and Paul from RFF, for offering to help with the mystery of the unusual control knobs. Seems some are liking the idea of it having the rare control wheels. The camera was not even yet in my hands, but I was getting offers right and left to buy it, including someone who offered far more than I paid, while another simply said "name your price"! But I think I will be keeping it for a long time!

Thanks again,