Not a medium format camera, but my Voigtlander Vitessa L gets a lot of attention. I was using it at the Atlanta Zoo and two women in their 30s asked about it. They were shooting P&S digital. At the restaurant we went to that same day I shot a casual portrait of my wife, and the folks at the next table pronounced it "awesome," as did the waitress. All people of exquisite taste and discernment, of course!

Now for other comments. Using my Pentax 645n on a tripod with cable release someone asked how many megapixels it had and was it a Nikon. I told them it was a Pentax, and depending on the film and scan I did it was perhaps 30 megapixels. He muttered something that sounded like "Smarta**" and wandered away. Some people are beyond redemption, I guess.