Print paper, 1:a choice:
Ilford MGFB Warmtone, (IMO excellent paper – never liked MGIV), and Fomatone MG 131 (IMO nice tonality and somewhat stronger shadow contrast compared to MGFB WT which though have more beautiful highlights, and 131 is also very responsive to toning and Lith developing.)
Fomatone Variant 123, both graded and MG (IMO very good papers, somewhat thinner and cheaper papers.)
Kentmere VC Fine print (IMO also very good paper, good price; not as responsive to toning as Foma papers, in my experience.)
Adox MCC 110 (have a box but have just used a few papers, but seems to be a very beautiful and useful paper - perhaps a coming favourite?)

Never really found an interesting use for other than glossy papers.
Contacts for inspection, I use all kinds of cheap RC paper.

Paper developers:
The last years I have only used a version of Beers developer for different contrasts, normally Beer #5, using soft Ansco 130 for Beer A and ordinary strong Beer B.
With negatives of various contrasts and subjects, nice to control print contrast and print tone with the developer, and also print contrast with various filtration for MG papers - extending the MG papers contrast range with various combination av Beer developer.
Also some time used an Amidol developer (version of Westons folrmula) with good results, but nothing extraordinary in camparison to the "Amidol-cult".
For Lith, have only used LD20

Good luck with your choice of print material; try, inspect an judge according to your preferences!