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Are you shooting colour or B&W?

Have you shot LF before?

What style of lens (wide, long etc) do you want to use?

Have you considered the prerequisite accessories' cost and/or availability (film holders, lenses, etc)?

How do you intend to process the film?

Also, can you define what you mean by "ůmuch better body"?
BW mostly maybe a little color in the future.

No experience with LF. (Just watching videos.)

150mm mostly....maybe a 90 or a 210.

Yes, I considered the extra cost. However, I also live in Japan and am able to pick up used holders and lenses for a very reasonable price.

I intend to tray process the 4x5 BW. I can get 4x5 color processed locally if needed.

Better body to me means, more precise movements, more rigid, and more accurate over all. I think the Walker's handle humidity better too.