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Now if you want to push the film or if you have 400 film, just take a pair of needlenose pliers and break off a small (1/16 inch square) piece of the cartridge where it fits under the lower right corner of the film gate (looking at the back of the camera).

This won't fool the Pocket Instamatic 20. It seems that tab was originally designed to indicate film is loaded - and it engages the "wind until you get to the perforation" mode.

Does the Orca film have perforations to stop the winding? Or do you have to stop by watching the numbers on the back? Or does it even have numbers on the back?
No numbers on the back (no paper) and so the cartridge has black tape where the numbers would be. Although I'm waiting for a replacement, the current Auto 110 I have only winds with the battery-operated winder and it stops for each exposure until there are no more exposures (which I assume means that the film no longer has perforations at the end, though it's not clear to me how, mechanically this is communicated to the winder).