I do not see anything to get excited about in the work of Harry Cory Wright. If it is large format, good for him. The crux though is a lack of technical finesse: the images of a medley collection of scenes and subjects are unremarkable for the chosen format.

Wright states:

The film is standard negative emulsion, mostly Fuji. It is much the same as is used in standard small film cameras. The difference of course is in the size of the negative and the resultant level of detail.
An obsession with "resultant level of detail" is a common trait among LF users seeking the holy grail of detail, detail, detail, often at the expense of technical, visual, compositional and artistic strengths.

Every once in a while it is very good to see common subjects photographed with many different types of camera, from pinhole to ultra large and not making too much broo-hah of "whopping great resolution and finest possible detail" just with LF. Of the many, many formats and photographs, I like to see a vision splendid, a commanding understanding of the subject, emotive quality, refined technical skill and cogent post (matting, framing, presentation) work to bring the image to life. Aesthetic trends vogues come and go, some stay, but a beautiful image that reaches out and touches the viewer is the best thing of all. Never mind about the equipment.