Mike, my personal opinion is that how you make your artwork is your business and as long as you are not dishonest in your marketing then all is well. It's artwork... there are no rules, at least fundamentally speaking. I would say that almost anyone interested in your prints could care less how you made the print and your focus should be on making the best print possible--whatever means you elect to use. Your average buyer wouldn't know the difference between a sheet of Tri-X versus a digital negative and even if you could explain it to them they would wonder why you are telling them such things... I've made Pt/Pd prints from my iPhone and people have picked those over prints that I did on my 8x10! Just have fun with your artwork and my two cents is to focus on your end product and the process of how you got there is just that--a process that should be lost when people view your work.

Want to know the difference between a masterpiece and a print that collects dust? Marketing! I would suggest investing most of your time identifying your potential market, how you are going to reach them, how much will the process of reaching them cost and understanding the cost of the sales cycle as compared to your retail price. Sitting around at art shows is very long and tiresome work and you would do well to make any real money assuming you factor in the value of your time. I've seen many stunning prints in archival boxes at estate sales over the years. Good luck on your journey and I say focus on your end product and making it the highest quality you are capable of in addition to investing the balance of your time in marketing (assuming your goal is to sell your work).