Yes , a very real benefit.

This allows you to set up three negatives, test and work on multiple images.
I always work with minimum two enlargers , and I flip the prints back to back and this also allows for zero emulsion dings or marks.
Using multiple enlargers opens up many doors, allows you to dedicate one for flashing if you are lith printing. Also if you are having a tough time on one image but not the other you can concentrate on the first image , finish it and then work on the more complicated image.

thats just a quick start to the advantages for me at least.

QUOTE=matti;1358725]So we bought this new really large house. Not only does it have an awesome studio with north facing large window. But when we change our old oil central heating I will have a really large room without windows in the basement that I can use only as a darkroom.
I am sure I will come back for a lot of questions during construction. But for now I am contemplating to actually keep all my three Durst enlargers there. One 6x6, one 4x5 and one 5x7. All diffusion light source with color heads. Would there be any real benefit? Or should I at least get rid of the 6x6?