My problem is time. Having multiple enlargers allows me to potentially clean, load, and focus several
negs in advance, so I can get to printing quickly. The different enlargers have different applications
too. I have two 8x10 units (one cold light and one additive colorhead), a 5x7 unit strictly for color
work (its in the cleanroom), and a basic old Omega D 4x5 colorhead unit, which is my workhorse for
4x5 and smaller black and white work. Now I have to figure out where to move the Omega so I can
squeeze in another 8x10 unit with a 40X60 easel. I won't itemize all the enlargers I've turned down
over the years. Wonder what I'll do with all this stuff when I get too old to use it. I'd have a dream
darkroom except for the fact it's getting too crowded (actually, there are four darkrooms). Bad habit.
Storing big prints isn't very kind on space either. But at the moment all the big ones have been sold,
so I gotta do something dumb like making a bunch more of them.