Remember that there will always be a few of the nasty self important types out there that will rip just for the fun of it. They are too self absorbed in their own worth to ever teach. I look for the teachers in life.
That hit the nail on the head Aggie. I had some good photo teachers in College, but there was one highly arrogant one. He subjected everyone to bashing during critique sessions. I had one image that I knew was pretty damn good for a student, and all he could say about it in front of the entire class was "hmm, I don't even see the point of this, this image is a waste of time, why did you even bother printing this?, next please". I was pretty angry about it and my motivation to achieve anything in his class took a dive. After the class was over and he left several classmates came up to me saying that they thought the photo was awesome and don't listen to the jerk.