I developed both rolls shot at EI100, being shot in cloudy, foggy, and rainy conditions, they came out nice, although thin in the shadows. I developed them normally, due to the low contrast. After verifying the first roll, kept the second the same. I just shot at roll at EI80, which is the speed I tested for. This roll will be developed tomorrow, although I doubt the contrast will be too high with my normal, as the lighting was quite nice and even, with only one or two very think and small clouds. Exposing for the shadows and mids at 80 usually gives me good results. The next "cottony" cloud day, I'll have to shoot with the shadows overexposed slightly, and reduce development by about 25%. I had hoped to keep the shadows appropriately lower in values, as keeping the wheat fields shadowed and allowing the shadows from the clouds to deepen to nearly pure black would add a sort of moody interest. At least to my eye, it seems it would.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out and offer your advice. It is well and truly appreciated!