I made a homemade developer for developing liquid light tins, kind of following Rockland's developer. I mixed 2 fl oz. stock dektol, with 1 tsp of 10% potassium bromide and 40mls of bad fix. The fix was Sprint's ammonium thiosulphate's fix, expired due to silver saturation, and probably diluted 1 to 9. I took it from the university darkroom. Instead of putting the plate in a tray of developers, I would pour it over the plate, which helped avoid frilling. I'd use a tray to catch the developer that fell off, and pour it over again, developing until the white gel cleared to black.

I'd recommend only using this in a well ventilated area because it does release an intense gas, I used it immediately after mixing and 24 hours after mixing, both worked, and both emitted the gas.