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I am cynical enough to opine that contemporary photography is often a circus where pretenders to photographic accomplishment are acclaimed by pretenders to scholarship.
This just about sums it up.

Though, if this is a passing phase - and what isn't these days - I still can't help thinking it's an important one for anyone using traditional materials. I would guess that most people on this forum who have artistic tendencies in regard to photography, consider those 'precious materials' you speak of paramount when it comes to the presentation of and perhaps joy in making, their work. What I was proposing in the original post was that this contemporary aesthetic would be nothing of worth without the materials. You have to remember how much of a visual impact grain structure, tonality and colour has on the viewer at those mammoth print sizes to realise that the aesthetic depends on film. That, if anything, is what it has going for it and us - taste and opinions aside. If the work didn't receive acclaim and contemporary photographers stopped using film, where would we be? How many millions of Flickr photographers shoot film because they and their middle class hipster friends are exposed to this work and the process at art college? I believe the consistently increasing interest in this work is providing continued interest in film during a critical time.