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I guess you could use clear household ammonia, with no sudsy stuff added, but it's kind of unpleasant stuff to work with in an open tray in a darkroom. I tried using pyro and ammonia once on some Efke R100 in 120. I got images, but I got better results with other developers.
I would strongly advise against ammonia in developers and your results support this. Ammonia may fog your film and it is a strong silver solvent compared to a tertiary amine like TEA.

@jim appleyard: Don't worry about the US$10 for a pint of TEA. If you really don't like the results, you've also wasted at least one roll of film, some fixer and a lot of time, so the US$10 should not be the biggest issue. Besides there are plenty of decent rev recipes where you can use up the remaining TEA, e.g. DS-10, DS-12 and here is one with pyro.