This past week I ordered a tablet of 5 mil Graphix Dura-Lar sheets. Dura-lar (DL) is Graphix's brand of PET film. Last night I gave the DL an overnight soak in a 10% NaOH solution and I am happy to report that it worked at least as well as the PET cut out of the tomato container. Water beads like crazy on the untreated DL and spreads out and just sits nicely on the treated DL. Also, the DL did not become cloudy in it's overnight bath. Tonight, I plan to mix a batch of subbing solution and try subbing the DL.

Question about Subbing
When it is said that gelatin disperses in acid, does that mean that it doesn't gel? For example, if I swell gelatin and melt in 5% vinegar, it does not gel at room temperature anyway. That's what is meant by dispersion?

-- Jason