Tessar lenses are OK for close up work, and you can get good 180mm or 210mm Xenars for very reasonable prices. I wouldn't be too worried about multicoating, just use a good lens hood and shield the lighting if your worried. I used a 150mm Xenar at work on a copy camera in the late 70's & 80's and it gave excellent results.

Another option, probably the most suitable on a budget, is the 203mm (8") f7.7 Ektar, as it's a Dialyte it's excellent at all distances including extreme close-ups (according to Kodak literature) and again inexpensive these days many people rate them very highly. The later versions have deeper coatings. Kodak made these lenses in Rochester as well as the UK, the British version was sold in an Epsilon/Prontor/Comur #0 shutter, the US ones in Supermatics which aren't compatible to other shutters.

I have a 203mm Ektar and it is very sharp even close up, mine's remarkable well coated.