Well, since this thread is not limited to format size as was the medium format version, I will add what I consider the coolest camera of all: The 4x5 Linhof Super Technika IV or V with the Zeiss Optima lens set (75mm Biogon, 135mm Planar, & 250mm Tele-Sonnar). They used to advertise it as stopping at nothing photographic short of cinematography. The range of accessories was truly mind boggling.

It is interesting that none of the cameras I have listed, here, or in the other thread (3RF & 1VF), are SLR's. SLR's just have too much shutter lag for me to be truly happy with them.

There are, of course a lot of really cool RF cameras. Some cool for their precision (Leica M2, M3), some for their differences (Robot Royal), some for their compactness (Retina IIa), and some for their junkiness (Kodak 35RF) (examples). The Argus C3 was an Art Deco masterpiece, and may be a winner on that basis.