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Good point, smaller camera does help i noticed. People react less to my Olympus Pen than my SLRs on the street.

Sometimes I can't help to think about what people think. For example if i am going to photograph a bum on the street, I can't help but to think what he'll do, "is he crazy enough to get mad and chase me down the street?" haha. Or better yet, when I'm in the hood.
Maybe your problem is you are taking photos of "bums on the street" rather than "people on the street". Maybe if I picked up on a negative attitude about me like that I would take your camera away from you and stick it up your.... Maybe the guy is a day laborer on his lunch break. Maybe he is an undercover cop. And maybe some one kicked him out of his apartment and he does not have enough cash for the deposit on another. On the other hand, maybe he IS a homicidal drug addict and is about to kill your stupid ass, you do not seem to be able to tell the difference.

Why would anyone, other than a spy of some sort, want to photograph people they did not like? I used to read these kinds of posts and threaten to go uptown and shoot derogatory photos of the "suits". Never got around to it, and now I live in a small town where the only people who wear suits are the attorneys. It is the county seat so there are quite a few attorneys about.

If you are taking photos of people because you think they are interesting, you can use a 5x7 speed graphic with flash and they will probably smile because you took their photo. There are some people who do not like to be photographed, and if they indicate that, just smile and turn your camera courteously away.

I do not even have good people skills, and I understand this stuff. What is so difficult about it?