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Actually, that's how I usually think of street photography.

I kind of agreed with you before. But recently I have been looking for pictures of my ancestors and buildings around the village where I live. We have a county archive of photographs where people donate pictures and negatives. Which are all scanned and browsable at the library. It's a true treasure. People find errors, identify people and tag the photos. I have found photos of my grand grand grandfather for example. These are glassplates that were shot by that times "streetphotographers".

Today I am grateful to those that do it. Having some kind of respect and common sense though, is important. But that applies to all people, not only the morons with cameras. But also morons without one.

Good practice, go out and meet people without the camera. If you can meet and talk to the people without a camera. You probably have what it takes to be a streetphotographer. Any idiot can take a sneaky shot. The art is in actually interacting with the people you meet.