I was a Caseworker for a guy who has such severe OCD, he ended up being sent to a psychiatric ward and then referred to the homeless shelter where I worked until his house could get cleaned up. He had garbage filling every room, kitty litter filled in the tub to defecate 'cause toilet was plugged and he had grass growing through a BMW he had in his yard. To told me he had "gold, silver, diamonds and money" in the house and he needed to get to it. I had to explain that is was boarded up, but would keep him updated on when the cleanup was finished. When they called me, they told me he had over $200,000 worth of gold, silver, diamonds and money stashed all over the house, which they found after weeks of moving out all the garbage he never took out of the house and piled in bags to the ceiling. I couldn't believe it. They used the money to fix up the house and sell it for almost $1,000,000.

This guy with the cameras....mental health...probably....skill...definately. I don't know how one can hide 4 auctions worth of cameras, but he must have been crafty.