Depends on what you mean by 'street photography'' if it is simply taking photos of people in the streets going about their normal business then that, to me, is a waste of time and film, but I do a lot of photography at street events and street theatre,I always ask first, and show my camera, and never have a problem, and get some great studies that way, there are times when I am out and about, and I see some one with an ''interesting'' face and I always ask and very rarely get refused these days, I think it may be the cameras I use, people don't seem to feel threatened by an old folder or Rollei, or a small old rangefinder, where when I used to use big SLR's people seemed to shy away from them, but I find that they think it's fun to be photographed by something that looks to them, as if it has come out of the ark, I always get asked for a print, and always make certain that they get a copy, although it can take a while, but I make certain that they know it may be a while. I also think that sometimes people are bothered by the perception that digital photographs are so easily altered, and that they can be made a fool of, where with old cameras they some how trust the results, as I said, it is a perception, but whatever, for me using old cute cameras,( their idea not mine) means the photographs will somehow look better than modern cameras,