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XPS 160 shoots better at 100.

It is a very subtle film, so it works great in the bright sun without a problem. It has very fine grain and enlarges well. While it's geared towards the wedding market, it can be a great sunny day film with a nice smooth palette.

It depends on what you like... If you're interested in punchy punchy colours, it's the wrong film for you. If you like a nice subtle look... It's wonderful. (velvia of print film it is not)

If I had to compare it to something, I would say it's more like 160NC with better skin tones.

I don't shoot colour, but used to work in a lab and saw tons of the stuff...

Yes, I agree I use this film for Weddings, and am constantly amazed at the painterly quality it has , the last time I used it was on a cold ,clear , sunny, spring day recently, and the prints looked like Rembrandts