Hi I'm writing from Ushuaia, Argentina. My father in law has given me an Electro35 GTS because I like photography (I'm not a photographer anyway).

I've changed the battery and it seemed to work ok (it is almost new becouse wasn't used until now), so I've shooted some films, with some good pics and a lot of wrong exposed pics... most of all becouse I shoot lots of my pictures indoor.

I think there may be something wrong in my camera so now I'm doing some tests without film... And I would like to know if some behaviors are normal or not before opening it. Probably some Yashica owners can help me here...

1. Everywhere says that setting the camera at flash position in the dial the speed is setted at 1/30 BUT when I press the shutter, the lens keep opened until I release it (exactly like bulb setting). I tried bulb setting and it works the same way, it also fires the flash!

2. With timer flash never gets fired... it doesn't matter if the camera is setted up with flash, auto or bulb. Strangely if I I keep the shutter pressed then it works but then Why would I use timer, if I need to stay next to the camera.

3. Lastly, without flash at the camera, this happends always... If the camera turns the slow light and I press the shutter: again, the lens keeps opened until I release it... this could be normal in complete darkness becouse the speed detected is too slow but this happends also indoor and with light... let's say with aperture 1.7 the light doesn't turn on so It work ok... at f.2 it keeps opened like bulb again... STRANGELY, there is one exception here... If I keep the shutter pressed and point to a light source then the lense closes, like if it is live-mettering or something like that.

I would appreciate if you could help me whith this. Thank you in advance.