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Richard, does Joe public really think like this? If you point a lens at them from whatever camera, I doubt if they are evaluating itís OK with an old camera, but not with digital.
as I said I do not do a lot street photography in the sense of photographing people going about getting on with their lives, but my experiance at street events both over here and in France is the same, I have seen people turning away from the digi look SLR's etc but happily letting me take their photographs with my old folders and tlrs, it has happened time and again, and more often than not we end up talking about the cameras I am using, memories come from them about, in some cases, the cameras they used when they were younger, sometimes their fathers or grandfathers using this or that camera,even when, on the od occasion, I have approached people in the street, I would always have my cameras on view, and they nearly always say yes, then want to know about the cameras, how old they are etc, I personally think their is some sort of old world charm about these cameras,Remember I always do people the courtesy of asking people first and making sure they see the camera, and a rollei or a folder just look old, antique, and as often been said to me over the years, safe somehow, you have to take your time,not just fire off and then stare at the display to see if you have got something, I can't tell you why, but I have only experianced this since my love affair with 50+ year old cameras, all that I use now.
When I used so called Modern cameras such as the AF Slr's and my Bronica etr, I more often than not would get a firm no or people trying to avoid looking at the lens, these days it is just the oppisite, maybe these cameras just look so totally different to those that most people use today, something from a more relaxed and happier past, I don't know, all I know is that here and where I go in France there seems little resistence to the charms of ''oldworld'' cameras.