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Hi and thanks for the fast replys, I was thinking on that but from what I've read "Pad of Death" make a loud sound when advancing the film and mine is very quiet, or I'm wrong?
I think you've got it backwards.

If you get a "thunk" sound when you advance the film, it usually means that your POD is ok... If you get a faint "click" sound it means that the POD is either gone or on it's way out.

The symptoms that you describe kind of lead me to believe that you have the POD problem and it's really common, but also easy to fix if you're handy.

Look for the yashicaguy's website... it'll get you up to speed on the repair. I did mine and also replaced the light seals in one afternoon. You can use a neoprene plumbing washer to cut the new pad from and it'll probably last forever.