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I rationalised my equipment many years ago and sold what didn't make sense as a practical usable outfit, now my 35mm S.L.R. bodys are all Canon FD and so are my lenses, all my lenses fit and work correctly on the bodys I own, my two Medium format Mamiya T.L.R. bodys work with all the lenses and accessories I have for them too.
I'm very happy with what I own and have no desire to acquire anything else, any spare money I have had to spend on my photography in the last two or three years I have spent on getting all my cameras professionally C.L.A'd because I have had them all more than twenty five years, and they were all second hand when I bought them, so all my gear is in tip top condition now and I can just enjoy using it.
That makes good sense! When I decided to get a film camera one reason I went with the model I did (Nikon FG) is it use any Nikon F lens and therefore share to some extent with my D3100 (obviously the newest G lenses are limited to the D3100 which has AF.) This whole discussion reminds me of something I heard Ray Charles say in an interview (for a musician of his magnitude his lifestyle was apparently rather modest)...something like "you can drive in but one car at a time, you can live in but one house at a time..." Truth is there is only so much time for shooting, etc. and if you collect too many you won't have time to use them all.