My Fatboy, "Holga Davidson," and I made it south of Columbus, Ohio on the way home to Roanoke. During the ride I spent a lot of time thinking about what made this, in the opinion of a charter member of Photostock and attendee at every one, the best Photostock ever. In no particular order:

1. The number of new attendees who brought their enthusiasm.
2. The "keynote" programs. It was great to listen to Suzanne Revy talk about her photographs of her children.
3. The presentations of our own Mark Fisher and James Mullineaux; with James' program made even better with Xana's (sp?) comments from the model's point of view.
4. The fascinating discussion that followed Andrew Moore's excellent presentation.
5. The Oberon.
6. The behavior of a certain young woman who shall remain nameless following excessive consumption of red wine.
7. And most importantly, the selfless time, energy, and work that Bill Schwab expends.

I am certain that others of you can add to this list.

I feel blessed to have been a part of this event, and to have the friendship of so many great people and inspiring photographers. Thank you all.