Test #1 has given a mixed bag. For this test, I melted a small amount (10 ml) of emulsion and coated a test strip by dipping - same as the plain gelatin. After about 90 minutes drying at room temperature, a bath in stock XTOL for 10 minutes caused frilling. Now on the untreated part of the strip, the emulsion adherence was nil, on the treated part there was frilling but the emulsion in the center stayed firmly in place. I don't think the emulsion was fully dried and hardened yet.

Some other variables in the mix: 1) I forgot the hardener (3% chrome alum) again(!) and 2) the strip was rinsed in photo-flo water rather than just plain water prior to coating.

I have another strip coated and ready to test. The second one was only rinsed in plain water, was given a dip in a chrome alum bath for hardening and I plan to leave this one sit on my desk and fully harden overnight before testing.

Looking at the coating on the photo-flo rinsed vs non-photo-flo rinsed right after coating, I would say the strip not rinsed in photo-flo gave a nicer, more even coating. For now, I plan to avoid photo-flo and stick with plain water for future tests.