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Richard, does Joe public really think like this? If you point a lens at them from whatever camera, I doubt if they are evaluating it’s OK with an old camera, but not with digital.
At the state fair last year I was using a 4x5 Pacemaker Crown Graphic for walkaround people photographs. Not a single compaint. Rather, it was difficult to achieve anything other than wide smiles and/or friendly waves of the hand. Almost impossible to get anything unposed.

At one point while walking along I had a young lady actually grab my arm from behind to stop me. Her request? Could she use her DSLR to image me pretending to photograph her friend using the Crown. THAT was an unexpected twist. Of course I said yes and dutifully posed. That Crown was a better ice-breaker than anything used by the US Coast Guard.

Old (or old looking) cameras make a huge difference. It's an ancient antique, so you can't possibly be a threat.