Checking in here at 16, and I'll be 17 on the 2nd of July. I dare say that I'm one of the youngest posters in this thread, and probably one of the younger users of this forum! I got into photography back when I was about 12, and I actually started out on film! I admit, the main reason was that I thought my dad's Minolta Maxuum 3xi looked considerably cooler than his point and shoot, and that I was actually rather interested in photography. He gave me two rolls of film, told me that there were only 36 shots on each roll, and to make them count. After developing the first two rolls, i was hooked. I shot a few more rolls, ut then I became a digital convert. Although I taught myself how to shoot manual and all sorts of other photographic tidbits on digital (such as studio photography, etc), i learned how to compose an image on film.

Despite digital being my main format for quite some time (from when I was about 13.5-15.5), I picked up a film camera again this year when I took my highschool's photo program. For some reason, I had developed this "Spray and Pray" tactic of shooting some odd 500+ photos a day then trimming down to maybe 10 good shots. Shooting film gave me a new appreciation for taking time with my work, and I soon trimmed those 500 shots to 300/day, and when I picked up Medium Format, I soon became even more selective with what I shoot.
And I absolutely love working in the dark room. Its like the only time I feel truly at peace, or comfortable. It's my "safe place" so to speak. I'm actually moving in to start shooting 4x5 in addition to 35mm and 6x6 MF, so I reckon I can call me self a hard core film user!