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Indeed, Fomapan 100: A week ago I was shooting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kehlsteinhaus on top of the mountain. Light was sunny 16 and with K2 I was shooting 1/250 @f/8, developed with Rodinal 1+50 for 15 mins with 3 inversions @ every 5th minute. I can print without a filter on a VC paper + dodging.
The EI50 rating of Fomapan only refers to the cut sheet film (4x5", 8x10" etc..). I have found that the roll version of this film is very sensitive to over exposure. Try exposing at box speed (ISO100), and cutting back agitation at the same time increasing dev time. I agitate for the first 30 seconds and only one inversion per minute. Dev time at 1+49 dilution @20degC would be 10.75 minutes (10'45"). This works VERY well for me. Much better grain structure than heavy agitation.

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