Those of you that shoot Kodak Regular 8 Movie film probably know John Schwind at International Film. He has been supplying me with film for about 10 years. Earlier this year he informed me the Cine-X (plus-x) is no longer available from Kodak and earlier this week I found out the Super Cine-x (tri-x) is gone also.

Here is the e-mail I got from John:

If I can get enough 20 individuals interested in buying 11 400ft spools
about $1000. Kodak will make a last order [of Reg-8 Tri-x, Super Cine-x, #8751235]. The deal is that I must
submit an order for 249 400ft spools for a total of $21.5K.--
john andrew schwind
I am going in on this. Any one that shoots Regular8 reversal B&W should contact John. Also, you can try to complain to Kodak (1 800 621 3456) though when I called that number I just got a sales person that tried to sell me Super-8. I had to keep telling her that Super-8 won't work in my camera.