Just looking for some advice. I bought a keh excellent quality mamiya 645e and have an 80 2.8 lens on it. I have the hardest time focusing this camera of any camera I've ever used.

The focusing screen is clean as is the view piece. It seems like the focusing screen is very subtle and hard to tell when you are spot on I have a lot of trouble with portraits without making people stand perfectly still for what seems like forever. I don't know if that is how it is supposed to be or just my copy. I actually have an old m645 which is a tank and overall more difficult to use but easier to focus even with a very dirty old focusing screen.

So is it me or is it the mamiya? I like the 645e because it's cheap and light and has auto exposure but it's not working out so well right now. Anyone have advice or solutions for making focus easier? Or should I try a pro or pro tl or a pentax? Or maybe just a different 645e?

Thanks so much