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Some of the lenses I have do not have 1/3 stops on the aperture ring. Some of them have a mixture of 1/2 and full stop increments on the same ring. So I was just looking for an easy way to open 1/3 stop, no matter what lens I'm using. I'm not going to be using TTL.

What I've been doing is metering at 160 (film speed) and then opening the aperture by 1/3 or 1/2, depending on the lens.
My thought was to meter at 160 and then open 1/3 stop, via ISO dial.
This should give me the same exposure as opening aperture, but be easier since I could just apply the meter reading, and not worry about the filter factor. The filter compensation would already be dialed in. That's my thought anyway.

As Bill mentioned, setting "ISO B" to 125 might be the way to go.

1/3 of a stop may not matter that much, but I have other filters with larger filter factors.
If you are metering with a handheld meter, and setting tha camera with that reading, it will not matter what the ISO setting on the camera is, as you will not be using the meter in the camera. If you are using a handheld meter, set that meter at ISO 125 and use those readings. If you are using the meter in the camera, and it is a TTL meter, simply screw the filter on and continue using the 160 setting on the camera's ISO dial. Why are you using two meters and two settings?

What camera are you using?