The ISO setting on the camera is only for the camera's meter. If the camera is in manual then the ISO setting on the camera meter has no effect on exposure, period. Only when a camera is in an auto mode does it matter.

In manual you set the ISO with your film choice, 160 here.

The other controls you have to affect exposure are aperture, time, and filters.

Your handheld meter will give you the aperture and time, set them then open up by whatever filter factor is in use.

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EDIT: OK I just read the two posts above. I understand now. The ISO dial doesn't really open via shutter or aperture, it just changes the in camera's meter reading. I didn't know that.

This confuses me. If I use a handheld meter and apply the meter settings and then open the aperture 1/3 stop. How is that different from applying the handheld meter reading and opening 1/3 stop via the ISO dial?

EDIT: And therefore it doesn't matter what the ISO dial is set at.

But leave the ISO setting on the camera at 160, right?

I am not using the camera's meter.

I'm not using two meters. I'm not 100% sure what "two settings" you're referring to. I can program my meter for two ISO settings, 'A' and 'B.' So I could program 'A' with ISO 160 and 'B' with 125. This could be used to more easily meter. One setting for when filter is off, one for on. Maybe that's what you're referring to?

I'm using a Zeiss Ikon ZI and a Pentax Super ME.