I discovered that my optical mouse sometimes jumps and I insert letters in the wrong place, alongside the small keyboards on laptops that cause occasional double letters like nbominal

Hugo Meyer made some remarkable lenses in the 1920s & 30s, in another thread there was discussion of specially modified Speed Graphics to shoot boxing matches in the 30's but Meyer had a 6x4.5 reflex with an f1.5 plasmat lens by the mid 1920s, Ernemann had an f1.3. Hugo Meyer were selling the WA Aristostigmat as a professional lens.

There were other small WA lenses with big coverage I have a 141mm f16 Ross WA AM lens, Air Ministry - an unmarked Protar identical to the Ross Protars made before WWI which were f16 (and marked with the Zeiss Patent number) unlike the Zeiss version which was f18.

I saw a Tessar the other day in a Compur marked Ross, Mill Hill. Mill Hill was the pre WWI Zeiss Binocular and lens factory the company set up around 1913 which was transfered to Ross by the British Government during WWI. There are some odd lenses around.