Hi folks

I've just used PMK pyro for the first time. I developed a sheet of FP4+ using the procedure set out in the Book of Pyro, but while the image looks fine, there's little or no stain.

I mixed up the stock solutions from a pack bought from Photo Formularly and all seemed to be well. The A solution is a very slight straw colour.

I haven't ever seen a neg developed in PMK, so I'm not sure what to expect. If I look at my neg for long enough I can convince myself that there is a slight yellowish tinge, but that's all.

I presoaked in distilled water, developed for 10 mins with agitation every 15 seconds, washed in tap water for five minutes, fixed in standard Ilford fixer for 4 minutes, returned the film to the developer (which had turned orange during the course of the development) for 2 minutes, then washed for 25 minutes.

What am I doing wrong?