Mordancage process: Also known as etch-bleach process, this rare and slightly esoteric process physically manipulates the silver gelatin print through acid bleaching, rubbing, and lifts. Images appear dreamlike, far removed from reality.

That sounds interesting. Tell us how or when you have gotten into this.
I took Elizabeth Opalenik's workshop at the f295 symposium a few weeks ago. I first saw the process when she presented at the symposium in '08 and thought it was really cool. I stand by that. I want and need to do more (waiting on getting the chemicals), but a few I did in the workshop are in my gallery here (they're cool, but not quite what I would want for each if I did them again). It's random, yet with some control. Hopefully with doing it more, I'll have a little more control. But it's fun. There are a lot of directions to go with it, I think.

I almost made the last gathering (and I really wished I was there at the farm with you all), but I had a cold (which turned out to be pneumonia). So I'm really hoping for this one.